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General conditions of sales and services


Art 1 The company:

Simplified Joint Stock Company

SASU with a capital of 1000 Euros

Headquarters: 81 RUE DE LA CROIX 06640 ST JEANNET

RCS of Grasse N °:

VAT: FR 70 851 071 779

Siret N °: 851 071 779 00017

Registered in the register of car operators

of tourism with driver under the number EVTC N °: 006190327

Art2 The reservation:
The reservation can be taken via the GRAZIA-VTC.com website, min 12 hours before and is valid after online payment, the reservation and collection system is made after the confirmation response by sms confirmation of the availability to ensure the order .

Only known and registered customers will be able to book the same day for an immediate departure and pay on board in cash or credit card.

Art 2.1 Cancellation (customers)
All reservations for a transfer can be canceled and not cash or refund if it occurs minutes 1 hour before taking charge.

Art 2.2 In case of non-presentation of the client:

Without answer to the phone after 10 min the race is canceled and non-refundable.

Waiting conditions and delay guarantee: 5 minutes FREE / then € 0.50 incl. Tax / Min.

Art 3 Supplements payment on board:
Departure from the route planned by the driver and unforeseen wait for more than 5 minutes, Animals, sale of products and service on board are chargeable on board.

Art 4 Responsibility GRAZIA VTC: Ensures that the vehicle insurance and RC Pro cover passengers and their luggage during transport and are up to date, whose documents can be consulted on board upon request.
We guarantee maximum safety with our high-end vehicle and driving in accordance with the rules of the road. (Allow sufficient time for security)

Art 4.1 Baggage, animals during transport:
Luggage is insured against theft and loss. We decline all responsibility for any damage to the interior contents.

Our animal friends are welcome on board only in their travel bags during the transfer time.

Only dogs of a blind person will be able to go on board without a travel bag with reservation and prior information to prepare a protective house for hygiene reasons. (FREE service).

Art 5 Customer responsibility:
Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory by law. Article R412-1 of the highway code, clients over the age of 18 remain free and responsible for non-compliance with the wearing of a seatbelt, and cannot turn against the driver or GRAZIA VTC as responsible in any case.

Art 5.1 Children on board:
Minor children are under the responsibility of the parents, we have a seat booster on board the vehicle, for babies the vehicle is not equipped with the cozy.

Art 5.1.1 Minors traveling alone:

The reservation of a minor can only be done with the agreement and under the responsibility of the parents.

Minors must follow the instructions received from parents and applied by the driver.

Each sponsorship offers the godchild and himself a stamp on the loyalty card or via his customer account which includes the 5 boxes to be completed. (automatic system).
For referrals to be validated the godson must have used my services at least once and be previously registered on the site with the customer number and that of the sponsor to validate his sponsorship.

Art 5. Damage to the vehicle:

Any damage caused by the customer or his companions in the vehicle, scratches, cabin soiling, … will be the responsibility of the registered customer with immediate payment. (Interior cleaning of the vehicle) due to vomiting or human or animal faecal pollution …

Cleaning fee: € 180 incl. Tax + € 350 incl. Tax for damage caused by the day the vehicle is immobilized for loss of turnover and any compensation for cancellation of meetings.

Art 5.1 Found objects:
All found objects that have been forgotten or lost in the vehicle will be returned at the expense of the customer.

The GRAZIA VTC company declines any responsibility for loss or forgetting of objects in the vehicle.

Art 6 Compliance with VTC regulations:
The prior reservation period of (Minimum 15 minutes) is applied as well as all the other obligations of the VTC regulation of the transport of people for a fee.

Art 7 Rules of sponsorship:
Art 7.1 Loyalty cards and discounts:
All discounts and promotions are clear without surprise and rigorously applied with the utmost transparency via the GRAZIA-VTC.com site.

Art 7.1.1 Privilege client SILVER means 5% discount.

Art 7.1.2 GOLD privilege customer is 10% discount.

Art 7.1.3 Privilege customer

Art 7.1.3 Privilege client GOLD VIP means 15% discount.

Art 7.2 General operation of the privilege client.
The loyalty system works with a loyalty card which will be stamped each time.

Each client will have a client number which must be entered into the fare simulator to obtain the exact price for their journey with their own discounts, and to be able to make a reservation.

The sound discounts on each race and on the total amount excluding tax, supplement, and reservation costs of their races cannot be combined with other offers and promotions.

Art 7.3 Conditions of privilege card reservations.
All reservations must be made and paid for in advance on the site.

All reservations must be taken at least 12 to 24 hours in advance, subject to being honored regardless of our will due to availability.

Any reservation is possible in hours and days according to the availability schedule displayed on the site.

Any reservation canceled less than one hour before taking charge must be made on the site or sms and will be due and non-refundable and invoiced.

Art 8 Regulations on board.
It is strictly forbidden to go aboard with all drinks combined.

It is strictly forbidden to go aboard while eating something or to transport pizza-type food, face food.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke or to transport dangerous or illicit products.

Art 8.1 Right of the driver:
Refusals to take on a client.

The driver reserves the right to refuse a client if he or she considers that:

All people who are highly alcoholic can endanger their life as well as that of others or present an aggressive or unpleasant attitude due to blood alcohol or other, or even be inconvenient due to lack of hygiene, politeness, respect, .. . could be refused or dropped if the problem occurs during the mid-term transfer without being compensated or reimbursed of any kind whatsoever, and be put on our black list of unwanted customers.

Art 8.1.1 Black List:

All customers being listed in our blacklist, will no longer be able to call on our service directly or indirectly, and even as a passenger.

Art 8.2 Cancellation of the reservation by the driver.
The driver reserves the right to cancel the reservation if it does not comply with the information given on the reservation form, or if there is a change of last minute pick-up address appearing suspicious, or in a place not reassuring.

Without being compensated or reimbursed of any kind whatsoever.

Art 9 Price list with cancellation insurance:
All our prices and services are displayed in euros and inclusive of tax.

The prices are calculated in terms of kilometers and a weighted average of the journey time according to the days and times of the race.

The price is fixed without markup due to supply and demand, as most platforms practice.

The tariffs can be adjusted up or down regularly according to the variable costs of the charges of the company and the competition.

Art 9.1 Supplements and gratuities:
Pets, luggage, additional charges.

Small Dog in FREE travel bag. Without travel bag 30 € TTC

Medium dog in its own transport cage 30 € including VAT Large dog 50 € including tax Without cage + 30 € including additional tax.

Art 9.2 Baggage per person: 1 cabin bag FREE.
Luggage supplement: Suitcase Max 23 kg 10 € TTC.

Art 9.3 Vehicle capacity.

4 seat.

Suitcases are only transported in car and trailer trunk if necessary.

4 cabin bags maximum or 2 cabin suitcase + 2 suitcase (Medium size) W 75 D 25 H 50 cm

        Art 9.4 Trailer Baggage.

Capacity 500 Liters: Package 50 € additional tax included.

4 cabin bags maximum or 2 cabin suitcase + 2 suitcase (Medium size) W 75 D 25 H 50 cm

Art 9.4.1 Non-declaration of supplements.

To read carefully in your interest of good service.

If you have not declared and paid the supplement (s) for the online reservation, it will be claimed at the start of the race, any discussion or refusal to pay this supplement will result in immediate cancellation without refund.

“Controversy is not part of our philosophy and ethics.”

Art 10 Cancellation insurance.
Protects you in the event of the unexpected regardless of your will and reimburses you for the entire reservation. (Delay or cancellation of the flight of the plane, or train, illness, accident and incidents) with proof.


This service is offered to you at the time of booking the cost is € 10 incl.

Art 10.1 24/7 reservation
Reservation min 12 to 24 hours before.

Only reservations made 24 hours before are guaranteed.

Art 10.2 Driver delay conditions:
Any unforeseen event, irrespective of our good will, must be tolerated with a maximum of 5 minutes.

Beyond the 10 minutes of waiting the customer will have the choice to cancel and be reimbursed without dispute or at choice.

Be offered a bottle of champagne on board if desired. (VIP service) or a discount on booking fees.

“This is our guarantee of reservations 24 hours before”

Art 11 Price of the reservation:
Reservation is a service and is guaranteed to have your driver ready for your arrival or departure.

The reservation is calculated according to a very precise starting point. (Cagnes sur mer Bd Kennedy racecourse) to cover non-productive preparation costs.

The price per kilometer:

Green rate € 10 including VAT for booking then € 2 / km

Yellow price 15 € TTC booking then 2 € / km

Red Price € 30 incl. VAT for booking then € 2 / km

Art 11.1 VAT rates:
Code 1 vat 10% (Transfer, reservation)

Code 2 vat 20% (Baggage supplement, on-board service, cancellation insurance, availability and waiting, damage liability described in Art 5 of this GTC)

Art 11.2 Invoicing:
Invoicing and payment is instantaneous via the website by electronic means or in the event of a technical problem beyond our control, will be processed manually with a receipt given on board by the driver and with billing follow-up within a period of up to 15 working days.

Art 11.3 Invoicing of supplements on board.
No invoice will be drawn up on board for reasons of time and accounting.

You will be given a receipt in due form, followed by an invoice showing the receipt number with the content. Condition Art 13.2.

Art 14 The on-board camera and passenger and driver safety:
We inform our friendly customers that the vehicle is fitted with an on-board camera which says: (Dashcam) for safety reasons only: (Accident, assault, bad driver or customer behavior …)

The SASU GRAZIA VTC Company whose President Mr. GRAZIA David guarantees that the images have not been used for advertising or personal purposes or even to publish videos or photos without your written agreement.

Art 15 Philosophy: I see nothing, I hear nothing and I say nothing.
Art 15.1 Ethics: Respect, honesty, loyalty.
“May my service remain a good memory”

Art 16 Litigation: Any litigation not resolved amicably will be brought before the competent court under the Headquarters of SASU GRAZIA VTC (Tribunal de grande instance de Grasse Alpes Maritimes).

“Better a good deal than a bad trial”